Monday, August 29, 2011

Teen fashion trends – A collage campus

These days’ college fashion trends are no longer restricted to being replica of celebrities. College students are also establishing their fashion intelligence and have turn out to be a topic of great conversation about fashion. We know fashion is an ever growing impression, which is generally borrowed from the earlier period. Therefore, here are some ever green college fashion trends.

White shirt and denim jeans have at all times their copyright on casual wears and are still hit. Now, accepting the college crowd needs, various fashion houses have started experiments on denim. High rise, Low waist, mid rise, buttoned up etc. Having bought that you can now experiment you own sense of fashion into it.

Black Is Beautiful

Black color is always beautiful. Teenage fashion tips also allow you to have black in your clothing. Black is stylish and for the college dates and special days you can exhibit yourself in black to grab all the attention.

Careless Beauty

You are at the best age of life and your beauty is a gift to you. Make up is to hide the faults; you do not need it now. Enjoy your casual way of life and stay happy. Don’t be too perfect. Over dressing will only make up stand out from crowd and kill the casual mood.

Thursday, August 25, 2011

Today it’s Fashion, Tomorrow its pain

Looking good might not always be the best thing for you. Today’s society is highly fashion and style mindful. Unfortunately, clothing designers and stylists aim to satisfy by creating unique looks that might not always be realistic or even comfortable.

Women usually wear high heels to match an outfit, not for comfort, but some might not understand that these shoes can cause serious ache in the feet and can also make worse back pain. High heels adjust the balanced position of a person’s body. When a woman wears high heels, a new dynamic equilibrium occurs. Fundamentally, wearing high heels for any short of time increases the normal forward curve of the back and causes the pelvis to tip forward. This alters the normal pattern of the pelvis and spine necessary for the body to maintain a center of gravity.

Both men and women fall into the fashion trap. However, women, more than men, tend to wear outfit that are too tight. Stylish tight tube skirts and tight pants can be good-looking, but are often too restrictive. Clothes that are too tight throw a person off-balance, and simple everyday tasks such as bending, sitting and walking become hard. Tight clothes restrict a person from moving comfortably, resulting in poor bearing and misalignment of the spine.

One should keep in mind, whatever things that we consider as today’s fashion might be tomorrow’s pain. We must be careful in choosing the right fashion attires like shoes, high heels, tight pants and shirts. Choose the cloths and fashion accessories that mostly fit our body. Enjoy the world of fashion trends with comfort.

Thursday, August 18, 2011

Fashion Talk - Teenage Fashion Trends

Latest fashion trends for teenagers from Fashion Talk :

Wednesday, August 17, 2011

The Latest Latest tribal fashion trends and tips for teens and women

When summer comes out fashion always has a new burst of force and this season that force has manifested itself in the form of the tribal trends! This change in women's fashion is not for the faint-hearted, but if done well it's a woo some way to make a summer style statement.

It's vital to strike a balance between being too fine and going overboard. Here are some tips for getting the tribal trends spot on.

Bold prints

The tribal look works best when you spotlight your outfit around an amazing print. Steer clear of anything neat and tidy and go for something that looks hand-drawn and primordial or something abstract and geometric.

Clashing color

Start with a neutral color palette of earthy tones such as terracotta and ochre or safari style beige. To avoid looking dull, then go as bold as you dare by adding in a spray of bright clashing colors like red, orange, yellow or cobalt blue. This will keep it looking fresh. If you can find a print that incorporates both neutrals and bright then it will be better.

Wild vibes

Whether it is zebra, leopard or tiger print, adding in animal print accents is a key way to rock the tribal trends. It's best to stick to just one type of animal print per outfit though, otherwise it really will be overkill. Look out for snakeskin effect shoes and handbags to give your outfit even more wild style.

Hot metallic

For a warrior-esque look, tone your outfit with metallic shoes and. Jewellery can also play a key part – collar style necklaces and long dangly earrings will look furious and fabulous.

Get the balance right

It's not necessary to incorporate all of these elements to work the tribal fashion trends. If you go all-out in one area then try to pitch the rest down, for example if you have a really energetic print you might want to keep the shapes simple rather than choosing anything too theoretical. Likewise if you've got a strong shape such as a one-shouldered top, don't hide it with too much jewellery. Let key clothing pieces sing out, and use the other essentials as accents. If your outfit is very simple, then you can go to town with accessories.

Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Latest Casual Summer Dresses for Teenage

Every woman has an option of casual clothes in your closet designed for those daily actions such as shopping, movies, gatherings and other daily events. What makes an ideal dress for casual wear is not the lack of detail, but an increased level of ease and flexibility. The dresses have a relaxed fit and suitable to be easy to use with confidence throughout the day. These dresses generally do not have much time to throw the shoes and accessories and most of them work completely with the story including the popular. Now look at some dresses with lots of charm.

These casual dresses are perfect for summer days of purchase. With an empire waist with a V-neck and short sleeves, this dress is very relaxed to walk around in.The hem falls just above the knees and pockets are an added value and seek to advance housing just the dress. At a lower price than most robes, it is an excellent all-around dress.

At first look, it looks pretty dress with spaghetti straps and Roxy skirt layers. The Empire style and design printing is free. There are plenty of dresses like this that are simple but very efficient in creating good looks. The dresses are very pleasant change from the more body and when it is 100 percent of its kind, the teenage will love.

Thursday, August 4, 2011

Short jeans hits the minds of the teenage.

Short jeans are in fact not a used addition in fashion world; however, low rise pants have got fame recently since when celebs have started wearing them. As you know three times any celebrity has tried, people are like mad for that. So, to let you for you they are offering low rise pants at reasonable cost. So, no more celebrity items at high prices, when they are in the world wide market.

Females always require to look more beautiful & lovely. They always require to pick an ideal dress for their wear. These low rise pants are ultimate item for them to buy. The typical design of these low rise pants is to blow their minds. They are beautifully crafted according to the basic needs & comforts. The design of these short Denims is very stylish & classy. They enhance the general beauty of the females. They are very relaxed. The design of these Denims pants are very cold & marks a charming effect on the person wearing it.

These short Denims are designed with high quality material so you would not feel like you have worn something heavy in hot sunny day. The material used of these female jean pants is high quality denim so you will stay cold even in hot sunny day…….
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